Key stage Courses





Key stage Courses


English at Global knowledge Tuition

In order to excel in this competitive globalized world, having a command on both spoken and written
English is very important. We at gk tuition aim to focus on all aspects of English, namely listening,
speaking, reading and writing as well as vocabulary building.

We start from very basics such as alphabets and then move to word making, sentence building and
structuring, writing short paragraphs and then summarisation. This is followed by the next stage
of applying this knowledge to develop critical and analytical ability of students for which many
comprehension passages and other techniques are used.

Each new student is first of all assessed and after that he/she is placed in a group according to
his needs and potential. Then the course is designed according to the capability of that student.
The methodology used is from simple to complex concepts.

We run special classes for handwriting improvement and cursive writing as well.

The teachers at GK tuition design different lesson plans using different teaching aides and our
focus is teaching through activity-based learning. For this flash cards, posters, charts, short
stories are used for teaching. Various activities to develop listening and speaking skills are
undertaken such as describing a visit to park or museum, writing a paragraph on an animal or on
vacation. These activities also help in building self-confidence of students.


Maths at Global knowledge Tuition

We at GK tuitions start from basic counting and then move to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

All this is taught keeping in mind the individual differences and learning ability of different students.

This is followed by complex topics such as time and distance, number line, fractions, trigonometry, logarithms, algebra, ratio and proportion etc. The focus at GK tuitions in conceptual clarity of different mathematical concepts and also how and where these concepts can be used in everyday life.

We also specialize in mental Maths classes which help in preparing students for various entrance exams and prepare them for career in future.

The study material provided by us makes use of different methods of solving one particular problem and it also includes many exercises for practice at home and in classes, which gives confidence to the student.


Science at Global knowledge Tuition

At GK Tuition, we aim to ask questions, explore their ideas and make discoveries for themselves in our science program. In our class room we create a stimulating environment where practical activities are meaningful and challenging.