Global knowledge has a team of dedicated professional trainers who aims to develop all round faculties and personality of a child.The teaching strategy is flexible and caters to the needs of each child as we believe that every child is different.The focus of the academy is not to encourage rote based learning but rather activity based learning which could develop critical, creative and analytical abilities of a child.Our teaching methodology is child- centric where the trainer acts as a facilitator and provides positive interventions where necessary.The trainers at global knowledge in addition to possessing strong subject knowledge also teach keeping in mind the concept of education psychology which focuses on uniqueness of each child and not the theory of one-size-fits-all.

Why GK

– Extremely dedicated professionals

– Accessible and centrally located

– Sound teaching methodology based on flexibility and child- centric lesson plans

– Mock test, activity based learning, working in teams

– Study material and mock drills

– Builds confidence and self belief in children

– Teach core subjects such as Maths, Science and English

– Keystone to successful career as we prepare for future entrance tests

Courses Offered

K Level Courses

–    English

–    Maths

–    Science

Professional Courses